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How to Evolve Kirlia in Pokemon GO

Do you prefer the Embrace or the Blade?

by Daphne Fama

Gardevoir is a Pokemon that’s garnered quite a fanbase over the year and for good reason. This Pokemon exudes a gentle elegance and, perhaps more importantly, it’s extremely strong. Like, one of the best Psychic-Type Competitors across all Leagues strong. And Gallade is there, too, I guess. Here’s how to evolve your Kirlia in Pokemon GO.

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How to Evolve Kirlia in Pokemon GO

Kirlia is a second-stage Psychic Pokemon with a branching evolution tree. This Emotion Pokemon has the chance to evolve into the Embrace Pokemon Gardevoir or the Blade Pokemon Gallade. In main line Pokemon games, Kirlia’s evolution was dictated by whether you leveled your Kirlia normally and allowed it to evolve at Level 30 or if you exposed it a male Kirlia to a Dawn Stone.

In Pokemon GO, Kirlia’s evolution follows a similar structure, but it’s distinctly more gendered. In most Pokemon games you can have a male Gardevoir if you choose to. But in Pokemon GO, all Gardevoirs are female, which feels very confining. Let boy Pokemon wear dresses, Niantic, it’s 2023. If you want a Gallade, your Kirlia must be a male and you must expose it to the rare Sinnoh Stone.

  • Kirlia (m) → 100 Candies + Sinnoh Stone → Gallade
  • Kirlia (f) → 100 Candies → Gardevoir

Once evolved, both Pokemon have access to a Mega form and prove to be formidable across all Leagues. And while Gallade edges out Gardevoir in the Great Leagues, Gardevoir reigns supreme in Ultra and Master.

The best moves for these Pokemon are the following.

Best PvP Move Set for Gardevoir in Pokemon GO

  • Fast Attack → Charm
  • Charge Attack → Synchronize, Shadow Ball

Best PvP Move Set for Gallade in Pokemon GO

  • Fast Attack → Confusion
  • Charge Attack → Close Combat, Leaf Blade

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