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 How to Get Primal Energy in Pokemon GO

The Raids are worth keeping your Groudon neon and angry

by Daphne Fama

Primal Reversion is a new mechanic in Pokemon GO that will have its grand debut during the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn in Las Vegas. But this superpowered form, which so far only applies to the Legendary titans Kyogre and Groudon, lasts only eight hours. If you want your Pokemon to enter the Primal Reversion state again, you’ll need Prima Energy. Here’s how to get Primal Energy in Pokemon GO.

 How to Get Primal Energy in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is always being updated with new altered forms Pokemon can take, but Primal Reversion is undoubtedly the most unique. Once a Pokemon enters its Primal Reversion form, it gains a host of benefits that applies not just to it but all the Pokemon in your team. Even better, every time that Pokemon enters Primal Reversion, their Primal Level will increase, boosting the bonuses they apply.

The more times a Pokemon undergoes Primal Reversion, the less Primal energy is used. But you’ll still need a ton of Primal Energy.

Primal Energy for a particular species can be received by battling that specific Pokemon in Primal Raids. The faster you complete the Primal Raid, the more Primal Energy you’ll get. But if you find these Raids are a little too tough, Primal Energy can also be obtained by completing Research Tasks.

But if possible, I really recommend competing in these Primal Raids. Not only will you get Primal Energy, you’ll also have the chance of capturing Kyogre and Groudon, both who have a chance to be shiny and will come with unique moves.

Kyogre, caught from this raid, will have Origin Pulse as a Charge Attack, and Groudon will have Precipice Blade as a Charge Attack. Both moves are extremely powerful, though it’s yet to be seen whether they’ll influence the PvP meta.

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