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How to Get Shiny Ninetales in Pokemon GO

Alola Ninetales wishes she was her

by Daphne Fama

I vividly remember being introduced to Pokemon for the first time as a wee sprout when another kid on the playground showed me their collection. The one in that collection permanently seared into my memory was Ninetales. I’ve since put thousands of hours of my life into the Pokemon series, and I’m significantly poorer but happier because of it. But is it possible to get this the alternate colored Kitsune-inspired fox in Pokemon GO? Here’s how to get Shiny Ninetales in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Shiny Ninetales in Pokemon GO

The first real question is: is Shiny Ninetales in the game? The answer is yes! Shiny Ninetales is icy blue, reminiscent of its Alolan version.

As for how to catch it, well, it boils down to luck and events. You won’t see Ninetales in the wild, but you will see Vulpix! And these adorable kits prefer urban, residential, and beach biomes. You can increase your chances of finding a Shiny one by dropping a Lure on a nearby Pokestop. Unfortunately, there is no fire element-specific lure, so getting as close as possible to Vulpix’s preferred biome is the best way to do it.  

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There’s also a chance that it will hatch from 7 km eggs, like its Alolan version. But if you’re not having luck in that area, it might be worthwhile to wait until the next event. We recently had a Vulpix battle day, but Vulpix is likely to be a Wild Encounter in the following summer event.

Unfortunately, Shiny Hunting in Pokemon GO is no easy thing. It requires ample patience and plenty of luck, as its base Shiny rate is 1 in 500. Good luck! There are other shiny Pokemon to hunt as well; check out shiny Ralts in Pokemon Go.

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