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How to Evolve Inkay in Pokemon Go

It's all a matter of perspective

by Patrick Souza
Inkay Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go always does its best to mimic the original features from the main games, with an unusual amount of success. While the perfect experiences cannot be always recreated, Go makes up for it by providing its own unique ways for trainers to venture throughout the Pokemon world that invades your reality.

Inkay is one of the best examples of this, as it has a very peculiar evolution method that was perfectly translated into the mobile game. This can cause some weirdness for people that haven’t played the originals before, so here’s what you need to do to evolve Inkay in Pokemon Go.

How to Evolve Inkay in Pokemon Go

Just like many other regular Pokemon, Inkay will require 50 Candy to evolve into Malamar, its final form. But even when you gather them all up, the Evolve button will still not work and will instead present you a “Special Evolution” screen that reads:

“Inkay needs some help evolving! Can you find out how to help Inkay?”

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How do you help him? Just turn your phone upside down and touch the Evolve button again. Yeah, I’m serious; that’s how you evolve Inkay in the console games too. The games use your device’s gyroscope, so you need to have it backward when evolving. Still confused? Just look at Malamar. He’s literally just an Inkay upside-down combined with a few anger issues.

What If My Phone Doesn’t Have a Gyroscope?

This might be the case with some older phone models; if that’s your case, you cannot evolve Inkay by yourself. Your only choice is to trade it with a friend so they can evolve it and send it back to you. Niantic has yet to implement a way for players to evolve it by themselves for those special cases, but since this problem has a solution, it might just not happen for a while.

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