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How to Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go

Do we put Feebas on a leash while walking it?

by Patrick Souza
Feebas Pokemon Go

Feebas is one of those Pokemon that won’t naturally evolve in the games. First introduced as a way-too-elusive fish that promoted the Pokemon Contests, you had to prepare it for them before it could complete its ugly duckling circle and become a stunning Milotic. This has since been changed to simply trading when holding a certain item, which is way better.

And how does that translate to Pokemon Go? Well, you still need to take a few extra steps before your long-awaited evolution, and I mean that literally. Here’s all you need to do before evolving Feebas into Milotic.

How to Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go

Before evolving to its majestic form, you’ll need the usual Pokemon Candy, so keep catching those extra Feebas until you reach 100 Candy. And now you walk. A lot.

While using the Buddy System, you need to walk at least 20 kilometers (around 12 and a half miles) before giving that fish its well-deserved glow-up. This may take you a while, especially if you forget to set it as your Buddy in the first place, so take your time. 

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You can take a look at how many kilometers you have already walked by checking Feebas’ status screen and tapping “Evolve.” No level requirement is needed, so as long as you can go the whole distance, you can get your Milotic. Extra points if you’re hanging around with Shiny Feebas. Keep checking your status to evolve it as soon as you can.

It can be tiresome, but it was one of the few ways they found out to translate its peculiar first evolving method to the games. While Gen III made you work on Contests, Go incentives you to touch some grass.

And that’s it for evolving Feebas in Pokemon Go. If you’re looking for more similar guides, tips, and tricks for the game, take a look at our tag here on Prima Games to catch (and walk) them all.

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