How to Enlist in the Marines in BitLife

Serve your country in BitLife!

How to Enlist in the Marines in BitLife

Many of us dream of achieving fame, mastering a skill, or helping others. In many cases, people enlist in their country’s army to show their patriotism and dedication to their country, all while helping fellow soldiers. Several BitLife challenges ask us to create characters who join the military, with ones like the Full Metal Soldier challenge specifying the Marines! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to enlist in the Marines in BitLife.

How to Enlist in the Marines in BitLife – Military Special Career Guide

Before entering the Marines, make sure you keep your health high, your criminal record squeaky clean and consume no drugs. Once you turn 18, enter Occupation > Military and select the Marines. You can either enter as an enlistee or sign up as an Officer, with the former having higher odds of acceptance.

As long as your character is healthy and hasn’t committed any crimes, you’ll successfully join the Marines as a private!

BitLife Marines and Officer Enlist Page
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Once you enlist in the Marines, you can access the military screen like any other job. You’ll find your list of co-workers and various military-exclusive options, including deserting and requesting discharge. Abandoning your post is a criminal offence that can get you arrested, while honorable discharge recognizes that you worked hard and served as a Marine for at least four in-game years.

Throughout your character’s time in the Marines, you’ll occasionally be asked to go out on deployment, where you’ll find a minesweeper minigame. Clear this minigame to survive the encounter, counting towards your total deployment count and rewarding you with a badge of honor.

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