How to Engage in Mischief in BitLife

AKA how to be naughty in BitLife.

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You can pursue an immense amount of different careers and partake in a huge variety of activities in BitLife. Some are completely normal and positive, but there are options to partake in negative or even illegal activities within the fictional life sim’s universe.

We just published a guide on how to become a Monk, a person of virtue and purity, and now it’s time for something… mischievous. Here’s how to engage in Mischief in BitLife.

How to Accomplish the Mischief Managed Challenge in BitLife

When you are a youngster, around 6-8 years of age, you can start corrupting your character by participating in bad behavior from the Activities tab.

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Under the Crime options, you can pick the Mischief option as soon as it’s available (based on your age). This will give you a variety of mischievous activities that you can perform by yourself, or you can ask for a helping hand from someone. For the Mischief Managed Challenge, you need to do the following:

  1. Insult your school’s headmaster or principal. This can be easily done by finding the Headmaster/Principal from the School menu and picking the Insult option.
  2. Mess with at least five of your classmates. They need to be different. Under the School menu, you can select the classmates you want to mess with from the Class options.
  3. Become a serial porch pirate and steal packages 10 times before turning 12.
  4. Commit mischief five times outside of school.
  5. Be sent to Juvenile Detention, and then get out of it. For you to end up in Juvenile Detention, you need to be caught in the act of Mischief, and in order to escape, you need to win an escape mini-game that’s designed to give you a chance of escaping your imprisonment.

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And that’s it! The challenge is now completed. Feel free to scout out our other BitLife guides under the game tag below if you are pushing to obtain achievements in the game.

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