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How to Earn the In Striking Distance Trophy/Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

How to kill an enemy via GRP and melee combo in The Callisto Protocol

by Grant Testa

The Callisto Protocol, the new survival horror debut from Striking Distance Studios blends melee combat and sci-fi technology to turn enemy encounters into a pulse-pounding symphony of gore. The best demonstration of this is found in the game’s “In Striking Distance” trophy/achievement, which perfectly exemplifies the duality of The Callisto Protocol’s visceral combat. The aptly named achievement combines Strking Distance Studios’ name and logo with an epic combat takedown in The Callisto Protocol. Here is how you can obtain the “In Striking Distance” award, which is a gold trophy on PS4 and PS5, and worth 50 Gamerscore on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

“In Striking Distance” Requirements in The Callisto Protocol

In order to earn the “In Striking Distance” achievement/trophy, you must “kill an enemy via GRP and melee combo.” This means that you must consecutively use the GRP (the telekinesis glove) and the Stun Baton to finish off an enemy. In order to get the trophy/achievement, follow this process:

Step One: Soften the Enemy Up

To start, “In Striking Distance” is best earned in a one on one combat situation against normal enemies, as the GRP doesn’t work against bosses. Attempting the achievement while fighting a group is far more challenging, but is still possible for true masters of The Callisto Protocol’s combat. You want to begin the process by softening up an enemy with melee, gunfire, and counterattacks. Make sure to dodge any incoming strikes and slowly, but surely chip away at the enemy’s health. This will be easiest on Minimum Security and hardest on Maximum Security difficulty levels respectively. Knocking one of the biophage’s limbs off is a telltale sign that they are nearly ready for the GRP and Melee combo.

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Step Two: Lift the Enemy with the GRP and Locate a Wall

Make sure that your GRP has enough of a charge before you attempt this maneuver. You can see how much energy the GRP has based on the blue dashes on Jacob’s neck, above his health bar. Once you have lifted the enemy into the air with the GRP’s telekinesis, locate a wall to throw the biophage into. You are now ready for the final phase of earning the trophy/achievement.

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Step Three: Launch the Enemy at a Wall and Finish them off with the Stun Baton

Launch the enemy into the wall and quickly follow it up with a strike from the Stun Baton. If you have followed the process correctly, the trophy will pop. Otherwise, repeat steps one through three until you have earned the achievement.

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