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How to Earn the Float Like a Butterfly Trophy/Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

Sting like a Stun Baton!

by Grant Testa

With its emphasis on close quarters melee combat, dodging is undeniably the most important skill in The Callisto Protocol. Unless you would prefer to witness Josh Duhamel (Jacob Lee in-game) being brutally killed in each of the game’s creatively grotesque death animations, then learning the dodge mechanic in The Callisto Protocol is a top priority. However, some Callisto Protocol players will go a step further by mastering the “perfect dodge,” a combat skill that helps to make mince meat out of biophages, and can even net gamers the “Float Like a Butterfly” trophy. Here is everything you need to know about perfect dodging and its respective achievement in The Callisto Protocol.

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What is a Perfect Dodge in The Callisto Protocol?

While a normal dodge occurs in The Callisto Protocol when the left stick is held either right or left as an enemy is attacking, a perfect dodge takes place when a dodge is triggered at the last possible moment before an enemy makes contact with Jacob. Completing a perfect dodge slows down time and opens the biophage up for a quick melee attack.

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How to Earn the Float Like a Butterfly Trophy/Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

In order to earn the “Float Like A Butterfly” achievement, you must accrue a total of five perfect dodges over the course of your entire playthrough of The Callisto Protocol. While you will likely earn this trophy naturally due to the huge amount of required dodging in the game, if you wish to obtain the achievement as quickly as possible, it can easily be farmed in any one on one enemy encounter.

The fastest way to obtain the trophy is to consistently move the left stick (on PlayStation or Xbox consoles) repeatedly to the left and right as an enemy is attacking. Once you have reached five cumulative perfect dodges, the achievement will be yours. Following this method will net you more consistent perfect dodges, and you will have your biophage enemies on the ropes as you “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, just like the great Muhammad Ali.

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