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How to Defeat The Two-Head in The Callisto Protocol

How to survive The Callisto Protocol's first boss fight

by Grant Testa

Chapter 6 of The Callisto Protocol contains one of the game’s toughest difficulty spikes in its challenging platform ride section. In order to progress the story, you must survive a descent on a dimly lit cargo elevator full of mutating biophages and swirling debris. Even if you manage to outlast the many biophages, to make matters worse, a horrifying creature with two heads and a body with razor sharp teeth appears. This is the Two-Head, The Callisto Protocol’s first boss, and one of the game’s deadliest foes. Here is everything you need to know about how to defeat the Two-Head, and earn the “Two Heads Are Better Than One” Trophy/Achievement.

Loadout for The Two-Head Boss Fight in The Callisto Protocol

While you can fight the Two-Head with any weapon combination, it is strongly suggested that you use the Riot Gun, and stock your inventory with plenty of ammo. This means you must make sure you didn’t use too much Riot Gun ammo against the biophages in the previous section of the platform ride. Health injectors are not needed for this fight, as one hit from the Two-Head results in instant death.

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Two-Head Boss Fight Strategy in The Callisto Protocol

In order to live to tell the tale of the Two-Head boss fight, you must dodge the monster’s swings in alternating directions left and right (it doesn’t matter which direction you choose at first, just make sure to alternate dodge directions). DO NOT MELEE THE TWO-HEAD, as you will instantly be treated to a brutal, gory death animation, and have to restart the fight. Also, make sure to never turn your back on the Two-Head, as you need to consistently dodge its aggressive attacks.

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When you have successfully dodged the Two-Head’s onslaught, use your Riot Gun to pop off one or two shots, and get ready to dodge some more follow-up attacks. Continue the process of evading strikes and taking some shots at the Two-Head.

When you have whittled the Two-Head’s health far enough, the titanic biophage will drop to its knees, opening the monster up for an attack from Jacob’s stun baton. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU MAY USE MELEE AGAINST THE TWO-HEAD. Jacob will then decapitate The Two-Head’s head on the right side, making it more of a One-Head. Nevertheless, the fight goes on.

The former Two-Head will continue to pursue Jacob, in the exact same way as it did in the first phase. Simply dodge the One-Head’s strikes, fire some Riot Gun rounds when the opportunity presents itself, and wait for the monster to become staggered again.

Once again, the biophage will drop to its knees, allowing Jacob to dispense of its remaining head with a fatal flurry of baton swings. Congratulations, you have defeated the Two-Head!

For your trouble, you will be awarded the “Two Heads Are Better Than One” trophy/achievement. Also, don’t forget to loot the Two-Head’s body (by stomping on it), as you will receive a CPU Printer, which can be sold at a Reforge Station. However, this is not the last you will see of Two-Head in The Callisto Protocol, as there are plenty more of the highly evolved Biophages lurking behind each corner of Black Iron Prison. Thankfully, you will be prepared, and can use this same exact strategy against late-game Two-Heads in The Callisto Protocol’s final chapters.

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