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How to Earn More Insured Weapon Slots in DMZ Warzone 2

Never enter the DMZ without a weapon ready to go.

When you jump into the DMZ mode for Warzone 2, you’ll have your own stash and inventory that displays all the loot you’ve collected. Of course, weapons are the most important loot that you can get, and it’s the insured weapon slots that can be the most powerful when it counts.

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Unlike the contraband weapons in your standard stash, insured weapon slots allow you to choose guns that you have unlocked and build them any way that you would like. However, if you die with an insured weapon in hand, you’ll have to wait around two hours to equip it again. That’s where insured weapon slots come into play for the DMZ, and we’re here to explain how they are unlocked.

DMZ & Warzone 2 – How to Unlock More Insured Weapon Slots

Everyone who plays DMZ starts with one insured slot for their weapons, and it’s the only weapon you have that will return if you die in Al Mazrah. Without any extraction bonuses, you’ll have to wait two hours to get the weapon back. Luckily, earning two more slots shouldn’t take too long if you’re diligent.

Two more slots can be earned for a total of three, and unlocking them is tied to the Faction Missions. There are three different factions in DMZ: Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous. These are integral to the insured slots because you’ll need to complete a bunch of the missions. Insured weapon slot two is unlocked by completing the third tier of missions for every faction in DMZ. To get the third and final slot, you’ll need to complete tier 5 of each faction.

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This is no easy task, because there are about 6-7 missions in each tier depending on the faction you look at. After you complete the introductory faction missions, that means you’ll have a couple dozen or more before you get the new slot that you want. But most of them are based on completing simple tasks around the map and can be done in one drop. In no time, you’ll have the slots you need and plenty of weapons.

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