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How to Download and Use Sons of the Forest Mod Menu

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by Nikola L
Sons of the Forest Food Bunker

Sons of the Forest is getting quite the hype in the survival gaming community, despite it still being in Early Access. Even though the developers are regularly adding new content, the modding community is not asleep at the wheel. The number of mods that are available for Sons of the Forest right now may not be as big as for some older games such as Skyrim, but mod enthusiasts will certainly be happy that things are starting to roll out gradually.

Sons of the Forest Mod Menu is available for everyone and Prima Games will gladly tell you how to download and use this mod menu, to tweak Sons of the Forest to your liking (within the limitations of the Mod Menu). Enjoy.

How to Install and Run Sons of the Forest Mod Menu

From Overwolf’s Official Page, you can download the Thunderstore Mod Manager by clicking the red download button in the upper-right region of the dialogue. Upon downloading and installing it, you should run it, and select “Sons of the Forest”.

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After this has been done, you will be able to browse the currently available mods for Sons of the Forest and install them with a click of a button. In case you get stuck anywhere, they offer a Discord server where you can seek help.

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Please be advised that both Sons of the Forest and Mod Menu are in their early phases of development, far from complete, and that certain instabilities, crashes, and other mishaps are bound to happen, so use the tools out of your volition and exclusively at your own responsibility. I mean, the worst that can happen is a lost save file, reinstallation of the game, cave demons like Fingers coming out of your monit-

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