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How To Download And Use FPS Unlocker With Roblox

You've got a need for speed if you need this Roblox addon

If you are gaming on a powerful PC and want to unlock the full potential of your favorite Roblox experiences, there are a few different tools that you can use to make this happen. While some experiences on the platform already look fantastic, like Frontlines and Pixel Piece, some other games could use a little TLC. No matter if you are looking to improve the graphics of your favorite experience or uncap the FPS to take advantage of your fancy new monitor, you can do just that without having to risk a ban. Let us find out how to use FPS Unlocker to make your favorite Roblox games run better than you could have ever imagined.

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How To Download And Use FPS Unlock With Roblox

The first thing that you will need to do to use an FPS unlocker with Roblox is to download the program. Since you do not need to worry about your account getting banned, you can use this program without any worries. You will want to visit a trusted site, such as UnlockFPS, and download the program directly onto your PC. If you are playing on Mobile or Xbox, you will not be able to use this method to increase the overall framerate of Roblox.

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you will just need to start your FPS Unlocker before starting Roblox. The reason that you will need to do it this way is simple: an FPS Unlocker needs to see that there is an instance of Roblox running after it launches so it can tweak the settings and make things run smoother.

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After opening FPS Unlocker, you will just want to start up Roblox as normal. Open the FPS Unlocker program again and verify that it can see that an instance of Roblox is running, and then you can click Start. Once everything has initialized, you will be able to select the FPS that you are aiming for and watch the magic happen when you enter into a new experience.

Why Isn’t My FPS Unlocker Working?

If you have followed all of the steps above and your FPS Unlocker is still not working, there are a few steps that you could take. Go through the process of getting everything set up again and try from the start once more. If it did not work the first time, it could just have been a fluke and things should be working as expected now.

There is also the chance that a recent Roblox update broke compatibility with your current version of FPS Unlocker. Thankfully, the program will notice if a new update needs to be downloaded and will install it upon exiting the program. This could make everything work as intended, but you may need to wait for the developers to make a patch for the newest Roblox version before it starts working once again.

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Also note, you will need a monitor with a high refresh rate to take full advantage of what these programs do to Roblox. If you try to run the game at 120fps on a monitor that only supports 60hz, you will not notice any sort of difference, but if you have a monitor that runs at 144hz, this could be the perfect add-on for you.

No matter if you are a newbie in the Roblox world, or someone that has been playing for years, make sure to check out our Roblox section below to find plenty of new experiences, and codes for all of your favorites.

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