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How to Double Jump in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Reach new heights.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Double Jump Wo Long

There are plenty of mechanics you will need to learn in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and it can be easy to mix up or forget all of the movement controls. Many of the keys or buttons in the game have double inputs depending on how you hit them, so many players can miss how the double jump works.

The good news is that everyone starts the game with the same default movement controls that will be necessary for the rest of the game in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. To ensure that you do not miss the important double jump mechanic, we will outline how to perform it and what it is used for.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – How to Double Jump

To use the Double Jump, we only need to hit one button twice. For those that are on a controller, double tapping X or A will allow you to use the mechanic. PC players can essentially set the button to anything they would like, but double tapping spacebar should be the default.

Using the double jump in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty does not make you jump much higher. It lets you get just high enough to jump on extra ledges for new paths or hidden loot. Areas that utilize the jump are typically smothered in what looks like white chalk. There is more to the jump than exploration though.

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Depending on the fight that you are in, the double jump can be a great way to evade enemy attacks. Some moves from enemies will cause ground AOE that shoots out toward the player. Using the jump will save you from any extra damage, and ensure you keep the flow of combat going on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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