How to Do the Starfield Puddle Glitch

Brings a whole new meaning to deep as a puddle.

Starfield Puddle Glitch Location
Image via Prima Games.

If you’re looking to get Credits fast in Starfield, then your best bets legitimately are to finish missions or do actions that can become extremely monotonous after a short time. As such, finding any corners you can cut can make amassing riches just that little bit faster. Abusing glitches in the game is just one way to cut corners. Here’s how to do the Starfield puddle glitch.

How to Get Tons of Credits Using the Puddle Glitch in Starfield

Starfield Puddle Glitch Puddle
Screenshot by Prima Games

To do the puddle glitch in Starfield, head to Akila City on the planet of Akila, found within the Cheyenne system. Once you land, make your way through the main gate and in front of the first shop on your left, Shepard’s General Store. In front of the store are two puddles on the ground, with one being much larger than the other. They’re easier to see if it’s the daytime, so you may want to wait until it’s day. Regardless, we want to focus on the smaller puddle.

Once you’re looking at the small puddle, you want to adjust yourself so that you can see the contents of a chest. If you’re looking at my image of the glitch above, you want to line yourself up so you’re looking at the few bits of geometry, with one being almost a complete oval. It’ll take some strange positioning and camera work, which might be difficult on a controller. Once you can see the chest, you’re free to take its contents and sell them.

Which Items Should You Take to Sell From the Puddle?

In terms of what’s worth taking, technically, everything is worth taking and selling. If you want to focus on what matters, though, then you’ll want to grab everything, excluding most of the resources, most of the miscellaneous items, and some of the med items. These tend to offer less than 100 Credits each, making them not the greatest.

How to Reset the Puddle Glitch’s Inventory in Starfield

Starfield Puddle Glitch Loot Chest
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you want more than what the puddle glitch gives you, you can reset its inventory by sitting down somewhere and waiting 24 in-game hours. The closest sitting area can be found inside Shepard’s General Store in front of you, with a chair found directly behind the front desk. Once you’ve waited those 24 hours, repeat the glitch and reap your rewards.

If you’re looking to do some other glitches, check out our guide on how to do the Starfield money glitch on PC and Xbox.

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