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How to do the Gold Coin Glitch in Hogwarts Legacy

A substitute for a cheat code of some sort... Sneaky Hobbits-wait, wrong game.

by Nikola L
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The in-game currency is always difficult to attain when you are just starting out with any video game. Surely, it gets easier a bit later, and then eventually you have so much that you can never spend it all. For those who want to have the game easier a bit, and earn some quick buck fairly early in the game, Prima Games has a Money Glitch guide for Hogwarts Legacy below.

How to Perform the Money Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

For this Money Bug (Gold Coin Glitch, or what have you), you will need the Disillusionment Charm. As you go through the game you will stumble upon a lot of chests. Some people refer to them as Eye Chests, some as Eyeball chests. In short, they have an eye on them. You will also notice that these chests get locked when you approach them because that eye spots you.

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Well, you can fool those chests and sneak up on them, right under their nose. by using the Disillusionment Charm.
Please understand that the chests that you have already managed cannot be used with this glitch. The Disillusionment Charm will naturally come early during the main questline, so if you do not have it yet, just stay on track and it’s going to join your skillset pretty soon.

If necessary, use Revelio to locate nearby chests. Each chest will give you 500 Gold (Galleon). Hogsmeade should be having a dozen chests or so, which will greatly bolster your in-game “bank account”.

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We hope you will enjoy this glitch (before it’s fixed, if the developers deem this as not “working as intended®” or “clever usage of game mechanics™”, “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature®™”). Make sure to also visit our Hogwarts Legacy tag, where you will find more interesting coverage and guides for this Harry Potter game. See you soon.

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