How to Disable Landmines and Turrets in Lethal Company

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In a world where you always have to be aware of everything, you learn to be observant of your surroundings. In Lethal Company, landmines and turrets are especially annoying because they’re not the easiest to spot, but we’re here to tell you how to disable them.

How to Disable Landmines and Turrets in Lethal Company 

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To disable landmines and turrets, you have to enter their code in the ship’s terminal, which will disable them temporarily. To successfully carry out this mission, we highly recommend playing with at least one other person, as you will need one player on the control terminal and another where the turret or landmine is. 

The first thing you have to do is to spot the landmines and turrets before “accidentally” finding them. Not seeing them on time is bad news. One way to do this is to scout the area, and the other one is by using a radar on the terminal. On the radar, turrets appear as red icons with an oscillating triangle. Once you’ve spotted them, you have to look for their code, which will be one letter followed by one number. The code is unique for each element, so you will have to look into all of them. 

The player at the terminal will input the code of the turret or landmine and it will be deactivated for five seconds. You’ve only got this time window to run in front of the turret or step over the landmine, so make it count! 

Having an explosion interrupt your exploring or cause you to lose what you’ve collected so far is super annoying, so hopefully now you know how to disable landmines and turrets, you’ll be the greatest scrap collector out there.

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