How to Deploy Dr. Jansen’s Coordinates in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

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MW3 Zombies Dr. Jansen
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The last mission of Act 1 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is much different than the missions players tackle beforehand. Here is how to complete the Extraction mission and finish the first act of the Zombies campaign.

How to Deploy to Dr. Jansen’s Coordinates in MW3 Zombies

The mission’s first objective is to deploy to Dr. Jansen’s coordinates. This can be done by traveling to a new icon on the map, labeled Extraction, of a person running with a star.

Players will call in an exfil helicopter, taking them to an entirely different location away from the general Zombies map. There will be a Buy Station in the new area, but it is essential to Pack-a-Punch any weapons beforehand. Players will not be coming back to the main map after exfil.

How to Bring Dr. Jansen in for Questioning in MW3 Zombies

The new location is a base filled with mercenaries and zombies to fight through to get to Dr. Jansen. The first objective of the new area is to access the communications tower to determine her location.

The communications tower is marked in the middle of the map, and the interactable laptop will be on the roof. The laptop will add a giant yellow circle on the north end of the map where Dr. Jansen can be.

Quickly get to the circle amid the groups of soldiers and zombies, and go underneath the building with the helipad to find Dr. Jansen. She will be in a locked room and will require some time for her analysis to complete.

While waiting for it to finish, avoid the zombies by walking up the stairs of that building and gearing up with armor plates and Ammo Mod circuit boards. There is a turret on top of the helipad that will be useful for the reinforcements.

Once her analysis is done, parachute down and escort her up to the helipad by following near her. Once on top, an exfil helicopter will arrive for your team, her, and you to get on to finish the mission completely.

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