How to Get Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MW3 Zombies

Rare chips for powerful turrets.

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There are a few missions in the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, where players need a specific item to activate tools or weaponry within the world. One of those items is Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, and this guide will show the best way to get them.

Where to Get Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MW3 Zombies

The best option to get Ammo Mod Circuit Boards is to complete Infected Strongholds. These points of interest are labeled on the map and do not require any keys or cards to enter.

Ammo Mod Circuit Boards are computer chips with one exact purpose in the Zombies mode: activating Deadbolt Turrets. These turrets can be found randomly worldwide and are marked on the map with a turret icon. When activated, Deadbolt Turrets will shoot at any moving threat in the general area for a limited time.

The turrets require Ammo Mod Circuit Boards to function and can be hard to find if not looking in the right places. Like other items in the Zombie world, the boards can be randomly found inside loot caches and as rewards.

Completing Infected Stronghold will reward you with a few caches that could contain any of the different ammo boards. The boards are a blue Rare item, and not a guaranteed reward. There are enough Infected Strongholds on the map that players can keep trying until receiving the ammo boards.

How to Activate Deadbolt Turrets in MW3 Zombies

Players can activate the Deadbolt Turrets by walking up to one on the map, interacting with it, and then depositing the board inside the turret. Closing the menu will start up the turret and immediately start gunning down nearby zombies.

How Long Will Deadbolt Turrets Work?

Once activated with an Ammo Mod Circuit Board, Deadbolt Turrets will work for a few minutes before shutting down and requiring another board. Of course, the turret may stop earlier if there are no zombies in the area.

Players can also load up the Deadbolt Turret with multiple boards at one time, in case players cannot get back to turret to deposit again. This is a good option when fighting in the area for a long time, since these stationary turrets are so spread out on the map that using multiple turrets is not practical.

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