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How to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Seeing double?

Each boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has a fairly unique set of mechanics that you’ll quickly need to learn in order to take them down with ease. Along with those mechanics is typically one major weakness, and that even includes Zhang Rang who works to overwhelm you with numbers.

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With so many enemies attacking you at once in this fight, it can be easy to lose track of your target or to even figure out exactly what you should be focusing on. We’re here to help you out against Zhang Rang in our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty boss guide.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Zhang Rang

When the fight starts, you’ll be surrounded by copies of the boss at hand. There are nearly a dozen enemies all attacking at the same time, so it should go without saying that companions can make a huge difference here. They will aggro enough enemies to let you focus just a bit more.

You’ll notice in the fight that the main Zhang Rang boss is the only one without a mini health bar above him. However, you don’t want to focus on the main boss just yet. The goal is to take down the copies, and each one that dies will lower the Spirit Gauge of the copies and Zhang Rang himself.

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Eventually, a single hit will allow you to use your Fatal Strike on the remaining copies, and you’ll only need a few hits to use one on Zhang Rang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Do this two or three times to finish the boss fight and ensure that you take your time to deflect well. Most of the enemies will use a charged critical strike that can be deflected for an easy Fatal Strike.

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