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How to Defeat Tormentors in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Get it out of my Scythe!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tormentor Destiny 2

Each expansion in Destiny 2 brings some signature combatants that will define much of the campaign and some of the strikes within the game. In the Lightfall expansion, one of the largest threats is the Tormentor which can quickly get in your face and take you down before you know what happened.

These enemies can tower over guardians and they have a wiry build with a scythe in hand. Don’t let their frame fool you though. The beasts are quick and can dish out huge damage with melee void if you’re not careful. This guide will help you avoid these attacks from the Tormentors and more in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Lightfall – How to Defeat Tormentors

When you begin a fight against one of these beasts, you’ll need to get ready for a fast-paced fight that changes as it goes on. Weak points on the Tormentor will change the most, and you can see them glowing prominently on their body. As you deal damage to each point, they will change, and you’ll need to change where you’re aiming.

While you focus on hitting the weak points, the beasts will attempt to grab you. If one manages to grab a hold of you, it will use a void-based melee blast that can annihilate your health. When you’re playing solo, this can be devastating. But in a squad, your teammates can use the opportunity to light up the Tormentor in Destiny 2.

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Even when they aren’t draining your health, these enemies want to remain in melee range so they can swarm you with attacks. They can even suppress your Guardian abilities if you’re not careful. Utilizing Solar for recovery or Stasis to slow the Tormentors down is a useful strategy, and can save your life until you have access to Strand.

If one of these enemies does manage to get range, they can still spam fire attacks, so be careful and don’t get to comfortable keeping them away. In no time, you’ll be melting through the Destiny 2 Tormentors in Lightfall and throwing that scythe away.

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