How to Defeat the Nightweaver in Remnant 2

It'd be cool if she was as big as her sister

So many of the most monstrous creatures you’ll encounter in Remnant 2 are gods or guardians that have been corrupted. Such is the case with the Nightweaver. And she’s a very challenging boss. Here’s how to defeat the Nightweaver in Remnant 2.

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How to Defeat the Nightweaver in Remnant 2

The Nightweaver is a challenging, unavoidable boss. But if you know what to expect, it’s much easier to bring down this corrupted, dream-slurping phantasmal.

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Before the Fight – Equipment

When it comes to fighting bosses, equipment is key.

The Nightweaver is the polar opposite to the Red Prince, the fae king you might have fought on your way to this corrupted goddess. She leans heavily on ice attacks, minions, and physical, open-handed lunges. But to make sure you’re prepared, I recommend the following items:

  • Black Cat Band – When taking fatal damage, instead of dying, the wearer’s Health will drop to 1, and Movement Speed will increase by 25% for 10s. 2m cooldown.
    • Obtainable for 500 scraps at Reggie’s store in Ward 13.
  • Ring of Diversion – Increases invulnerability window while evading and sliding.
    • Obtained after successfully completing the jump puzzle in Yaesha, The Lament optional dungeon. To get it, you’ll need the Kolket’s Key.

I knew I would go in and take a lot of damage in this fight, as I was going for the secret material. For that reason, I equipped the Vengeance Idol amulet.

  • Vengeance Idol amulet – Increases all damage dealt by 30% when the wearer’s health is below 50%.

As for weapon mods, I found Firestorm did beautifully in Phase One, as Nightweaver has long cast animations. But it was devastating to me in Phase Two because it filled too much of the arena. Instead, I highly recommend the Rootlash weapon mod, as it’s stationary and powerful in both Phase One and Two.

But if you’re struggling in Phase Two, Astral Burst is ideal, as there are plenty of walls for the star fragments to bounce off of.

  • Rootlash – Launches a projectile that summons a Root Tentacle. Tentacles deal 30 damage and steal 1.5% of the hero’s Max Health per hit. Lasts 20s.
  • Astral Burst – Fires a short-range burst of 7 star fragments which deal 35 damage each. Fragments bounce off walls up to 3 times, dealing 35% additional damage per bounce. Weak spot hits deal reduced damage.
    • Astral Burst is made from the Faith Seed, which can be easy to miss. You’ll need to complete the Cathedral of Omen’s puzzle in the Fae biomes.

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During the Fight – The Battlefield and Strategy

The Nightweaver fight has two phases and two arenas.

The first arena will have you fight the Nightweaver in the narrow courtyard in front of the asylum. This is a painful place to be, as it’s long and narrow, with few places to take cover. The best possible thing you can do in this area is to be aware of where your back is to the wall and keep a medium distance from the Nightweaver.

The Nightweaver is a quick enemy with a weak point in the center of her chest – the glowing blue heart. She’s capable of using the following moves:

  • Ice Spikes – The Nightweaver will summon four spiky ice balls which will home in on your position.
    • While she spams this attack, it’s very easy to sidestep if you’re far enough away.
  • Lunge – The Nightweaver will lunge forward towards you.
    • Dodge roll through her or to the side. I would not recommend side-stepping, as she has a generous hitbox on you with this move.
  • Minion Summon – The Nightweaver will lift her arms and summon three exploding bugs. They will crawl quickly towards you and explode if they’re not killed.
    • Make distance between yourself and the Nightweaver before immediately killing these bugs. Fail to do so and you’ll take a sizeable chunk of damage from the explosion. But I highly recommend keeping distance from the Nightweaver because she almost always uses lunge while you’re killing the last minion. If you’re far away from her, you can dodge before she hits you.
  • Bombardment – She’ll shoot half a dozen black-and blue orbs from her chest, which have splash damage.

Phase 1

The first phase is a fast-paced assault. While researching the article, I found that the Nightweaver almost always starts the fight off with Ice Spikes, an attack that homes in on your position. Fortunately, so long as you are far away enough from her, this attack is pretty easy to either sidestep or dodge.

What happens next is all down to RNG. If she lifts her arms, she’s about to summon her exploding blue bug minions. When this happens, you have the absolute best opportunity to do critical damage to her as her heart is exposed. But remember to keep your distance from her and kill the bugs immediately.

Once the bugs are dead, she is guaranteed to lunge/swoop at you. I highly recommend using your stamina to dodge through her or away from her, as this attack gives her a very generous hitbox on you.

Her last attack, bombardment, is a rarer move. But it launches out in an obtuse angle-like formation, with each ball doing splash damage. But if you dodge to the side and keep circling around her, you should be able to avoid all damage.

Once you’ve whittled her down to zero, she’ll love a glowing blue residue on the ground. Approach it to start phase 2.

Yeahhh.. this is fine.

Phase 2

You’ll appear in the asylum, and the Nightweaver will regain her full health bar. So begins the hardest phase of the fight.

During this phase, the Nightweaver can appear in the walls or floor, lunging out to attack you. Once she lunges through, she’ll crawl along the floor to scratch you. But the real damage is psychological, this entire phase is a horror movie.

Eventually, she will begin using the same attacks she had during Phase 1, including Ice Spikes, summoning, and lunge. But one of the deadliest aspects of this phase is her summoned bug minions. While in Phase 1 she would only summon three or four, in Phase 2 she’ll summon an entire stream of them.

Use the stairs in Phase 2 to your advantage, using the second floor to create distance if you’re getting swarmed by bugs. Otherwise, just whittle her down until she’s dead.

How to Get the Secret Material

Many of the main plot bosses have secret materials you can grab if you’re willing to put in the extra effort. And for the Nightweaver, that secret material is the Nightweaver’s Finger, which can be used to craft Nightshade.

  • Nightshade – Fast striking claws with a high Critical Hit Chance. Neutral Dodge grants the power of Lifesteal. Base damage 47.
    • Weapon Mod: Beyond The Veil: Neutral Evade turns to mist, granting Nightshade 5% base damage as Lifesteal for 5s. Perfect Dodge doubles duration.

To get this crafting material, you’ll need to destroy the Nightweaver’s heart. The Nightweaver exposes her heart when she summons her bug minions in Phase 1. This is your only opportunity to destroy the heart, so try to keep her alive long enough to destroy it. That’s a hard ask, I know! Especially when the bugs really want to explode in your face. But the Nightshade weapon can’t be obtained any other way.

Rewards for Defeating the Nightweaver

Once you defeat the Nightweaver, you’ll get the following rewards: 1,163 Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, five Lumenite Crystal, Cursed Dream Silks, and the Nightweaver’s Finger.

The Cursed Dream Silks can be used to create the weapon Nightfall.

  • Nightfall – Long gun with a base damage of 31.
    • Weapon Mod – Enter the Nightmare Realm. Nightfall gains infinite Ammo, a 35% Fire Rate increase, 10% Lifesteal, and becomes fully automatic. The wielder becomes significantly harder to hit while moving. Disables other weapons and Skills for the duration, or until Dreadwalker is deactivated. Lasts 10s.

Before you leave the Fae biomes, be sure to grab the Neckbone Necklace! It’s an excellent amulet for certain boss fights. Find out how to get it here: What to Do with the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2 – Answered.

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