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How to Defeat the Mother Mind in Remnant 2

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As you progress through the story of Remnant 2, you’ll find many bosses that serve to test your skills. Whether it be through your ability to dodge, act under pressure, or a nice mixture of both, you’re bound to be challenged here and there. One such boss comes up randomly while working through the forest planet of Yaesha. Here’s how to defeat the Mother Mind in Remnant 2.

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How to Kill the Mother Mind in Remnant 2

The Mother Mind is first encountered when clearing out the Nameless Nest region of Yaesha, which has a chance of appearing during random playthroughs of Yaesha. When entering its arena, you’re met with four different platforms. The Mother Mind is sitting in the center of it. Her main method of attack is to slam her arms onto the ground, with launching out toxic spores being a close second. Every quarter of HP lost, she’ll destroy one of the platforms.

The name of the game with the Mother Mind is your positioning, with many of her attacks affecting the arena itself. Her arm slam attacks aren’t too difficult to avoid. However, when she launches those toxic spores, you’ll want to head to another platform if possible. You can dodge around them on the same platform if you’re careful, but why worry about one more thing when you don’t have to? In between these attacks, you should be unloading either into her face or the glowing spore launchers on her head.

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When she goes to destroy one of the platforms, you’ll of course want to get off as quickly as possible. It’s worth keeping in mind that some rubble will drop on the other platforms when she destroys one, and that rubble can hurt you. Thankfully, she’s hard-coded to not destroy a platform that would prevent progress to another, so you don’t have to worry about being screwed over that way.

What Do You Get For Beating the Mother Mind?

Other than that, it’s a battle of positioning. Take out the random enemies she spawns when she loses a quarter of HP, watch your footwork, and she should fall without much issue. When she dies, she’ll drop the Cordyceps Gland material. Take this to McCabe in Ward 13, and she can craft you the Tremor weapon mod. This mod creates a tremor on its landing point and spawns shockwaves, dealing 75 damage each. This makes it solid for slow targets, or for closing off possible chokepoints to give yourself some space to breathe.

If you’re having trouble with other bosses, check out our guide on how to defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel in Remnant 2.

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