How to Defeat Seething Abomination in Diablo 4

Seething with anger and a lot of poison.

Diablo 4 Seething Abomination Fight
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As you continue playing Diablo 4, you’ll come across many bosses that seek to challenge you and can force a respawn at a checkpoint if you aren’t careful with your positioning. Take the final boss from the Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 3, which can be a real pain for those who aren’t used to dodging those sorts of attacks. One boss comes up only in a very dangerous place but can snag you some pretty nice resources you’ll need to unlock new stuff. Here’s how to defeat the Seething Abomination in Diablo 4.

How to Kill a Seething Abomination in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Seething Abomination Event
Image via Prima Games.

The Seething Abomination can be found at its event, located within either of the PvP zones (denoted by their red sand.) In either of these zones, you can find a marker that is bright red with a demon skull on it. You can use our image above for reference. Head to the location that’s marked, while avoiding other players if you have PvP enabled, and you’ll find the Seething Abomination skulking around. Attack it to begin the fight.

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The Seething Abomination is very similar to the Khazra Abomination found at the end of select dungeons, though with a bit more power. You’ll mainly be looking to avoid its poison clouds since the cooldown on potions added in the PvP zone means these can cause far more damage than normal. Otherwise, it’s a matter of learning its standard attack patterns and avoiding them. If you need to, don’t hesitate to back off for a moment and wait for your potion to come off cooldown. With some persistence, the Seething Abomination will fall. It’ll drop you a healthy amount of Shards of Hatred as well.

What Can You Do With Shards of Hatred?

The Shards of Hatred you get from defeating it and other mobs in the region can be brought to an Altar of Purification somewhere within the Fields of Hatred zone. Keep in mind that using this will alert all enemies in that region, and if you’re killed, they can take your unpurified Shards. If successful, you’ll net yourself a bit of Red Dust. This can be taken to one of the vendors at the nearby waypoint to be spent on PvP-exclusive cosmetics, including mount skins.

The Seething Abomination can be a bit of a danger, but with proper positioning, you should be farming it in no time. Speaking of farming, check out our guide on how to target farm Uniques in Diablo 4.

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