How to Defeat Left and Right Baron’s Hand in Death Must Die

"Here be dragons"

How to Beat Left Hand Right Hand Baron Death Must Die
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Hello there! You must be reading this article because Left Baron’s Hand or Right Baron’s Hand (too fast to know which) dashed right through you and murdered you on the spot in Death Must Die. Here are tips for defeating Left and Right Baron’s Hand in Death Must Die.

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How to Beat Left Baron’s Hand and Right Baron’s Hand in Death Must Die

At 7:00, you might feel the “I am in danger” meme sentiment when you see two big health bars pop up at the top of your screen, and you would be right to feel that way. First, let’s analyze the types of attacks the Left and Right Baron’s Hand employ during the encounter:

  1. Long-range dashing attack
  2. Three spikes frontal attack
  3. Circle-shaped frontal attack

All of these attacks are “telegraphed” (announced) to you prior to them happening, so you will have enough time to outmaneuver them. If you are struggling to dodge these attacks, here are some tips that will certainly help you.

Tips on How to Avoid the Attacks of Left and Right Baron’s Hand in Death Must Die

I have not spoken about the offense part of this boss encounter because I feel it’s irrelevant. The minimum damage will be sufficient if you master your movement technique.

  • The long-range dashing attack is locked onto you, and the red line will follow you until the Baron’s Hand dash is initiated. My advice is to dash and move away from the line straight (90 degrees direction) when you see the Baron’s Hand dashing toward you. You will not take the damage if you get the timing right.
  • Turn your auto-attacks off because you might be able to evade all of the attacks by simply moving away from them. There is more than enough space between the three spikes for you to stand in and remain unscathed.
  • Try to conserve your dashes for Baron’s Hand attacks. Other enemies nearby should stop being relevant to you, and taking a few points of damage from them is nothing compared to losing about half of your HP from one Baron’s Hand strike.
  • If you are playing a melee character, you might be forced to dash closer to the end of Baron’s Hand dash path so that you can get close and deal some damage. Against their other two attacks, you will likely dash through them to get behind them.

To close this section off, I’ll emphasize that you should get something related to dashes, movement speed, and damage prevention while leveling up. If you can get the ability to turn yourself into a lightning ball while dashing, I think that is more than enough for this boss encounter.

Best Character to Beat Baron’s Left and Right Hand With in Death Must Die

Merris (Sorceress) is a great ranged character to fight off Left and Right Baron’s Hand. It eliminates the need to be close to these two pesky dragons, and luckily enough, I beat them in my first attempt ever with Morris.

If you’re unlucky, you can read about the Luck stat and work on it for your future runs to make your boss encounters less difficult.

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