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How to Decorate Traffic Lights for Winterfest in Fortnite

Decorating is part of the new week of challenges.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Another week in the 2022 Winterfest brings another set of quests for players to complete during the holidays in Fortnite. This time, there are plenty of tasks to help fill the island with presents, or simply decorate traffic lights to ensure that everything on the map fits the season.

As always, completing these Weekly Quests is an easy way to gain massive amounts of XP with some fairly easy objectives. But there are always a couple that don’t have a great explanation and you won’t see pop up much otherwise. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can decorate traffic lights for Winterfest before it leaves Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – How to Decorate Traffic Lights for Winterfest

When you go to the Weekly Quest tab and select the traffic lights task, you’ll see some of the locations on the map. These are all marked on the right side and you can even mark them so they remain on the map when you load into the island. But it still helps to know exactly where these lights can be found, regardless of the task being marked. All the locations can be found below.

  • Two traffic lights can be found in or above Faulty Splits.
  • One light can be found directly north of Frenzy Fields.
  • Another two Traffic Lights can be found at Slappy Shores.
  • The last light can be found all the way north of Brutal Bastion in the single patch of grass.

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Keep in mind that you only need to decorate traffic lights for Winterfest three times in order to complete the Weekly Quest. One of the best routes would be the three lights located at Faulty Splits and Frenzy Fields, but there could be more resistance. When you do find a light though, all you must do is hold the interact button in front of the light and wait a couple of seconds. Before you know it, the traffic lights are decorated and you can move on.

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