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How to Craft a Spear in Sons of the Forest

With this, you'll soon be an ex-spear-ienced hunter.

by Shawn Robinson
Sons of the Forest Spear

If you’re going to survive in Sons of the Forest, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. This starts heavily in the early game, though it eases up more as you acquire better and better tools. While this includes more defensive tools like the repair tool or torch, it can also include offensive weapons like one particularly early game tool. Here’s how to craft a spear in Sons of the Forest.

What Do You Need for a Spear in Sons of the Forest?

In total, you’ll need three different items and two of one of those items to craft the spear. The first item is a knife, which you’ll have gotten once you open the emergency pack in your backpack. Don’t worry, as this won’t consume the knife; merely using it for the job. The next item is two sticks, which can either be found next to trees or by cutting down very thin trees or bushes. They shouldn’t be hard to find, provided you look in the forest hard enough. The final item, and the hardest to locate, is the duct tape. This can be found in most man-made boxes or structures, so you’ll need to do some proper hunting.

Once you have all the items in the crafting space, click the completed gear, and your character will make the spear. This proves to be an invaluable early-game weapon with a ton of use cases. The first and most common use is offensively, as you can stab your foe from a safe distance or throw the spear to impale them early. The other major use is for hunting, as you can use it in place of a bow and arrow. You can also use it as an effective fishing tool, stabbing any fish you happen to find in the water. This makes it surprisingly versatile.

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No matter how you use it, the spear should give a good stepping-off point until you can craft some better weapons. It’s also a great way to learn how to craft, which you can find out through our guide.

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