BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge

How to Complete the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife

You can accomplish a lot in over 100 years

The Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife is one of many that you can finish progressing towards Superstar Mode. Despite its initial arrival in April 2021, the Challenge Vault allows us to attempt it again! While this one may seem simple at first, it’s surprisingly tricky if you experience bad luck or have a poor lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife

Below are the two tasks you must complete for the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife:

  • Start a first-generation life
  • Live to the age of 120

A first-generation life, in this case, doesn’t necessarily mean a brand-new character. Instead, this is any current or new life you create that started from the “New Life” button. In other words, you can’t play as a previous character’s child. Whether or not you begin a new life or use a pre-existing one for this challenge is entirely up to you.

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From here, completing this challenge is just a matter of living until your character turns 120. While accomplishing this in BitLife is relatively easy, you’ll likely encounter numerous obstacles hindering your progress. For example, if your character catches a deadly disease, especially one that is hard to cure, they’ll have a much lower chance of surviving until age 120. You may also find random events such as car crashes, paranormal encounters, and witnessing crimes that influence survival chances.

While there are multiple ways for your character to those lose health and pass away, there are also plenty of ways to increase your chances of making it to 120:

  • Go to the gym, walk around the neighborhood, and tend to their home garden to raise your character’s stats
  • Don’t partake in any criminal or mischievous activities that could result in injury or prison time
  • Don’t drink alcohol or consume drugs
  • Make sure not to overwork your character. Retire early if you can!
  • Avoid risky encounters with animals or other NPCs.

The last factor, which you, unfortunately, can’t control, is luck. Sometimes, regardless of how good your character’s lifestyle is, they’ll succumb to natural causes and pass away before reaching age 120. If this happens, you can use the time machine to turn back time or try again with a new character and hope for better RNG.

After finishing both tasks, you’ll complete the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Live in a Haunted Mansion and How to Become an Exorcist in BitLife.

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