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How to Get the Superstar Mode Golden Theme in BitLife

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by Madison Benson
Bitlife Superstar Mode Golden Theme

BitLife recently received an update introducing Superstar Mode, which rewards you with a golden app theme. The theme completely changes the game’s user interface to make the buttons, Bitizen sign, and heading appear in shining gold. The only downside is it’s incredibly challenging to get! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to get the Superstar Mode Golden Theme in BitLife.

How to Get the Superstar Mode Golden Theme in BitLife

You’ll unlock BitLife Superstar Mode and gain access to the golden theme after completing 100 weekly challenges. These challenges appear every Saturday at 12 PM PT. Each one runs from Saturday until Wednesday, giving you nearly five days to finish them. Over 100 challenges have been released over the past couple of years.

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The main downside is that you cannot access previous challenges unless you’ve purchased the Challenge Vault for $6.99. By buying this vault, you can play all 100+ previous challenges and any that are released in the future. You’ll also gain cosmetic rewards for each one you finish, giving a bonus incentive alongside the Superstar Mode Golden Theme. To access this, head into the main menu and select Challenges before tapping on any that you still need to finish.

Once you’ve completed at least 100 challenges, head to the main menu and scroll down until you find Themes. You’ll see Light, Dark and Golden modes, which you can switch between to your heart’s content.

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BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, be sure to check out our entire BitLife article catalog by clicking the tag below.