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How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife

On the streets once more

by Madison Benson
How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife

A new BitLife weekend challenge, the Hustling Herbalist challenge, is now live starting January 28, 2023! A lot is going on this time around, both in your own home and on the streets! It’ll take time and dedication, but over time, you’ll be seeing, feeling and hearing green. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife

Below are the four tasks you have to complete for the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a street hustler
  • Tend a garden for 20+ years
  • Sell fake weed to 25+ passersby
  • Sell fake weed to a cop

Becoming a Street Hustler in BitLife

Before you can start street hustling, you’ll have to make sure you have the Street Hustler special career pack. This career costs real money to unlock, and you can buy it individually or get Boss Mode to access every current and future special career. You can do this by heading into the occupation and special career menu and picking Street Hustler. Without doing this, you will not be able to become a street hustler or sell fake weed to complete this challenge!

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Tending to a Garden

The next part of this challenge is to tend to a garden for 20 years. To do this, head into Activities, select Mind and Body and pick Garden. If you live at home, you’ll tend to your parent’s garden, while moving into your own house lets you fix up your own. The easiest way to do this is to move out when your character turns 18 and continue tending to the garden until they turn 38. Generally speaking, the earlier you start this, the sooner you can finish the challenge once the other three tasks are done.

Unlocking and Performing the Fake Weed Scam

Once your character turns 18 years old, you’ll be able to head into the Special Career menu and become a street hustler. Pick a street, choose Scam Artist and continue performing various scams until you become skillful enough to attempt the Fake Weed Scam. Reaching this point requires you to hit a Street Smarts stat of around 80%. You increase this stat by performing scams successfully while failing decreases it. This happens naturally after aging up and by targeting specific individuals to give you extra points.

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After unlocking the Fake Weed scam, continue performing it on random individuals until you hit 25 people. You’ll naturally do this when you pick the Fake Weed scam as your hustle and after aging up. You can also head into the People category under Activities and pick a cop and random passersby. It’s important to note that, alongside targeting 25 random people, you’ll also have to successfully sell fake weed to a cop, which poses a major risk of getting arrested. If you get arrested, you can either run away and try again or escape prison.

Once you scam 25 people and a cop using the fake weed scam, you’ll knock out the last two tasks for the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Qualify for Law School and How to Become a Police Officer in BitLife.

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