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How to Sell Fake Weed in BitLife

There's a lot of skill and luck involved!

by Madison Benson
How to Sell Fake Weed in BitLife (1)

When you first start street hustling in BitLife, you’ll notice many options to try out. You can panhandle, play instruments, or straight-up scam others to make money! Whether you’re trying to complete a challenge or just want to pursue the scam artist route, you’ll at some point make your way to advanced methods like fake arrests, selling VIP tickets and, of course, selling fake weed. How, exactly, do you get to this point, though? If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to sell fake weed in BitLife.

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How to Sell Fake Weed in BitLife

Before selling fake weed, make sure you have purchased the Street Hustler special career pack! You can either buy it individually or get Boss Mode for a slightly higher price, allowing you to get every current and future special career in one bundle. In other words, you need to purchase this pack to be able to perform this scam in the first place!

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After buying the Street Hustler pack, you’ll be able to pick this under the special career category in Occupation. Once you do this, choose your street, select Scam Artist as your hustle and start scamming people! You’ll have to start with one of the beginner methods to raise your street smarts, which you can view on the main screen under looks. Each time you successfully scam someone, this bar goes up. Likewise, failing or moving streets after a failed attempt lowers it.

You’ll find the Fake Weed one under Advanced in the list of beginner, intermediate and advanced scams. However, you need a street smarts stat of around 80% to reach this point. You’ll have to start slow with your beginner scams before moving up to intermediate, eventually making your way to the top. In short, you can only begin performing the weed-selling scam once you reach high street smarts. Until then, the option is grayed out!

How to Sell Fake Weed to Passersby and Cops in BitLife

After reaching a high enough street smarts stat, the option will light up, allowing you to perform the Fake Weed scam. You can do random encounters to find cops and passersby, but the easier method is by heading into your Scam Artist occupation, selecting People and individually picking your own victims. Over time, you’ll start to rack up successful attempts, and if you’re trying to complete a challenge like the Hustling Herbalist one, you’ll reach 25 successes in no time.

Just be careful since you can be sent to jail while doing this! If this happens, you can either run away from the cops or escape prison and re-attempt the scams later.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Become a Crab Fisherman or tap the BitLife tag below!

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