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How to Complete the Ekochiu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Please be kind and press rewind

by Daphne Fama

Do you love rewinding things? Then do I have a shrine for you. Ekochiu is all about timing and making things go back to where they were. So, let us dive right into it.

How to Complete the Ekochiu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Another stable, another Shrine! Get ready to prove your supremacy over time itself.

How to Find Ekochiu Shrine in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

So, if you are out there trying to complete all of the shrines (because of course you are), you are going to want to make a beeline to this one. It is right beside a stable which is a great merchant hotspot, and with a guide, this shrine will not take you long at all.

Just head to coordinates 1062, 1279, 0045 and you will be there! This is just North of the Woodland Stable and Crenel Hills.

Puzzle 1

Now that we are all here, let us tackle the puzzles.

Immediately, you will find yourself in a room that has a button and a stone block on a rail. Stand on the button and the stone block will go to the other side.

Stand on the button, then wait for the stone block to return to its starting position. Climb onto the block, then use rewind.

If you time it correctly, you will be able to reach the other side easily. But make sure you are on the block before you rewind it!

Puzzle 2

For the next puzzle, you will need to descend into the pit where there is a shallow river. A block will periodically flow into the river, then float downstream, to never be seen again.

Stand behind the block, then rewind it. Quickly climb onto it and let it lift you to the next level.

 Yep, that is it! It is like a cumbersome elevator.

How to Get the Secret Chest in Ekochiu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

It is a Zelda game, so of course TotK has hidden chests. Before you proceed into the next puzzle, turn around and look back at the river. To the left, on a platform, is the chest! You will need to glide to it in order to open it (jump, press and hold the “x” button).

But once you are down there, you will need to re-do the steps for Puzzle 2.

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Puzzle 3

Our last puzzle! You will find yourself on a raised platform with a button at the end. Look to the right of the platform and you will see a giant block.

Our goal here is to shoot the block up in the air while we are on top of it, then take advantage of our aerial supremacy to cross the chasm and get to the Goddess.

Put the block in the square outcropping on the bottom floor. Return to the platform and stand on the button.

The block will shoot up in the air.

Get off the button and run towards the square. Climb on the square, then rewind it. Glide to the far platform.

And… that is it! Congrats on completing yet another Shrine and grabbing a coveted Light Blessing.

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