How to Complete the Dog House Challenge in Bitlife

Who let the dogs out?

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Bitlife is truly quite an experience when it comes to life simulator games. Even though it’s a simple mobile game, there is so much that you can do with your virtual characters. If you think about something, you can probably do it in Bitlife, or you will be able to do so in the future, because the developers are constantly adding new features, achievements, challenges, etc.

Naturally, you can also have pets, do all sorts of stuff with them, and complete various challenges. In this article, I’ll help you to obtain the Dog House Challenge in Bitflie with ease.

How to Get the Dog House Achievement in Bitlife

The requirements to complete the Dog House Challenge in Bitlife are as follows:

  • Start a completely new character (it is important that it’s the first generation)
  • Save 26 dogs from shelters
  • Make sure that each of these dog’s names starts with a different letters

Having 26 dogs in Bitlife does take some (virtual) space, so we made an article for that as well that should be helpful to you:

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Bitlife Dog Name Ideas for Dog House Challenge

Here are some names that you can use if you’re stuck and have a creative block:

  • Ares / Abby
  • Benson / Babsy
  • Chief / Candy
  • Devito / Daisy
  • Eagle / Edela
  • Fenrir / Fabbiene
  • Gabriel / Gala
  • Hans / Hela
  • Ibro / Indira
  • Jackson / Jackie
  • Kane / Kaya
  • Lanzelot / Lisa
  • Murphy / Maya
  • Noodle / Nessy
  • O’Neal / Olive
  • Phantom / Pam
  • Quentin / Queenie
  • Racer / Rachel
  • Sabre / Sakura
  • Titus / Tabby
  • Ubaldo / Udina
  • Vespucci / Valerie
  • Woody / Wicky
  • Xavier / Xenia
  • Ymir / Yvette
  • Zoro / Zora

I hope I have helped you accomplish the Dog House Challenge successfully in Bitlife. If you need any other assistance regarding Bitlife, look up a guide here at Prima Games under Search, or the Bitlife game tag under this article, where you will find stuff like How to Complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife.

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