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How to Complete the Burger Bob Challenge in BitLife

Only classic, American-style burgers here!

by Madison Benson
BitLife Burger Bob Challenge

The Burger Bob Challenge in BitLife is now live! Starting on November 12, 2022, you’ll have to live as a New Jersey male who owns a successful food truck! That’s right, you’ll have to create Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Burger Bob Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Burger Bob Challenge in BitLife

Below are the five tasks you must complete for the Burger Bob Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a male in New Jersey
  • Have a wife and 3+ children
  • Own a food truck business that only sells burgers
  • Rebrand your product every year for 10+ years
  • Earn $1m in profits

Before you start the challenge, make sure you own the Business Special Career pack. It costs real money, requiring you to make a real-world purchase to participate in the challenge. You can buy the pack individually or purchase Boss Mode to unlock every current and future special career. Once you own the Business career pack, you can officially begin.

To start the challenge, create a male character born in New Jersey. To do this, select the United States as your starting country. You may notice that “New Jersey” is not a viable place or city to pick. Instead, pick Newark, the popular New Jersey city, as your starting Place.

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Once you start the challenge, age up and make as much money as possible. While you won’t need millions to start, you’ll require anywhere from $200,000-400,000 to start your food truck business. There are a few methods you can use to make this money:

  • Partake in crime without getting caught
  • Gain inheritance money from your parents
  • Marry someone wealthy
  • Temporarily work a high-paying job
  • Become famous
  • Flip real estate

Once your character turns 18 and has some money in their bank balance, start up a Food Truck business by heading into the Business Special Career, selecting Startup and choosing Food Truck. Immediately, you’ll find a dropdown menu asking you to pick your product. Choose any type of burger to start. Introduce the product, edit your production plan and start managing your business!

You’ll have to ensure you’re not only profiting but rebranding your burger yearly. To rebrand, select your burger and tap on Rebrand. It’ll cost some money, so make sure you have enough available capital to do this. As for profiting, you’ll have to ensure your marketing and supplier expenses are low while your income is high. Try not to make your servings produced too high, or else you risk losing them, and therefore a lot of money, the following year! As you age up, change your production plan as necessary to continue profiting.

Make sure that, alongside handling your company, you also have three children before your wife reaches the age of 40-45. By this age, she won’t be able to have kids anymore, forcing you to take drastic measures to make sure you finish the challenge.

After finishing all five tasks, you’ll complete the Burger Bob Challenge in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Become a Housekeeper and How to Become a Fashion Designer in BitLife.