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How to Complete ‘Taco Tuesday’ Achievement in BitLife

Everyone loves tacos, right?

by Nikola L
BitLife It's All Yours Achievement

BitLife is one of the most popular mobile life simulator games out there and it seems that the developers are always eager to roll out new content, and this is the case with a new achievement called “Taco Tuesday”. BitLife truly allows you to take on different roles and partake in different activities, whether they are fun or serious, right or wrong, legal or illegal. In this guide, Prima Games will explain how you can complete the “Taco Tuesday” Achievement in BitLife fairly easily.

How to Get “Taco Tuesday” Achievement in BitLife

The achievement itself is not that hard. The trick is that you are supposed to bring your team of employees tacos as lunch on a Tuesday. But that’s not doable with every career, unfortunately. You first need to have a team of subordinates under you for this to be even a possible activity. It’s a long way there, but it is not that complicated.

Basically, your character must become CEO of a business. To do this, first, you need to enroll your character in a business school and make sure they pass by studying and putting time and effort into their learning.

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Then grind your way to the CEO position, for which we have a short guide for here: How to Become a CEO in BitLife.

Ultimately, after keeping your employees happy and delivering them great leadership and benefits, along with the Taco Tuesday, you ought to take care of your own character as well because being a CEO is stressful, and you do not want your character kicking the bucket too early, right?

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