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How to Keep CEO Stress Down in BitLife

Never underestimate stress, not even in a video game.

by Nikola L
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It seems as though BitLife’s developers have thought of everything, and even in a video game, you cannot escape the harm of stress. If you do not look after your character’s health, they can die of a stroke that is induced by stress. Let this also be a friendly reminder for your real-life character: you.

Take care of yourself, you are important. We can’t give much advice as we would always tell you to seek expert assistance if you are having trouble, but when it comes to video games such as BitLife, Prima Games is on top of the game. Here’s how to keep CEO stress down.

How to Avoid CEO Stress in BitLife

Being a CEO is a big stress. So many decisions to make. So much money and assets to take care of and responsibility for every success and failure. Now, there are some key factors that may impact your character’s life when it comes to stress.

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Eat a healthy diet. As some people say: health enters through your mouth. It’s no different in BitLife! Eating loads of junk food really does impact your health negatively both in real life and in-game. The Mediterranean diet seems to work.

If your blood pressure is high, treat it. Acupuncture can be found within the Alternative Doctor section.

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Practice healthy habits such as sports, going to the gym, and walking. And you are the CEO for crying out loud, get massages to relax, take a vacation, and treat yourself well.

Additionally, you need to be good with your businesses. If you end up with many bad years in a row, that will impact your health, and you truly might kick the bucket due to too much stress, even if you handle the remainder of your life well.

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And remember, the market is volatile and unpredictable. Good luck!

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