How to Complete Survey Altair II in Starfield

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Altair II Starfield Survey
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Completing surveys from mission terminals is an easy way to earn some Credits with quick scans in Starfield, but the Survey Altair II mission, in particular, can get incredibly confusing. To ensure you don’t run around the planet in circles, I’ll go over the main key to finishing the scans for good. Here’s how to complete Survey Altair II in Starfield.

How to Finish the Survey on Altair II in Starfield

To complete the Survey Altair II mission, you need to head to a coastline on the planet and scan multiple Hunting Sharkwhales in the water. This is the fifth fauna scan you need on the survey, and if you’re stuck on this mission, I guarantee that this is the animal you’re looking for. However, getting to the coast is an odd endeavor.

Altair II Map
Go to a coastline on Altair II (Screenshot by Prima Games).

When you look at the surface of Altair II, there are rocky desert biomes and frozen hills. The rest of the planet is covered in water, and when you scan the surface, you can tell which parts are oceans by the lack of highlights. To make matters more difficult, though, you can land directly on the ocean. Instead, you need to get as close to the edge of the hills or desert as you can.

If you get close enough to the ocean with your landing spot, you can see the coastline directly ahead of your ship. Follow the coast and watch for the Hunting Sharkwhales in the water. After canning 6-8 of these fauna, you will get the mission component for the Altair II Survey in Starfield.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

For those of you who just started this quest, you still need to scan all the materials and life in the other two biomes. These are luckily straightforward and don’t require you to search weird sections of the planet. Just make sure you’re also scanning three of the POI biomes on the planet as well for the 100% progress mark.

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