How to Complete Search Party: Puzzling Park in Super Mario Wonder

So many invisible blocks to find.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Search Party Puzzling Park
Screenshot by Prima Games

Super Mario Bros. players will encounter one of the first Search Party levels in World 2: Fluff-Puff Peaks. The Puzzling Park level requires players to find five Wonder Tokens to get a Wonder Seed, but some are extremely well hidden.

How to Start Search Party: Puzzling Park in Super Mario Wonder

This is a reasonably straightforward level that does not require any special powerups or badges. A few of the tokens require finding invisible blocks to uncover or climb to them.

Puzzling Park Wonder Token 1

The first token is right at the start of the level but will be invisible until you hit one of the invisible blocks underneath it. The image above shows where the blocks and the token will be.

Puzzling Park Wonder Token 2

The second token is right after getting the first. Jumping into the yellow pipe will transport you into the background where the Wonder Token is located.

Puzzling Park Wonder Token 3

The third Wonder Token is to the right of the yellow pipe in the corner of the level. While it is possible to get a running start and grab it with some finesse, there is an invisible block on the right-hand side of the brown platform below it. Use the platforms underneath it to hit the block, which will sprout a vine that can be climbed to the token.

Puzzling Park Wonder Token 4

Drop down the platforms and into the pit on the right. The pit will be long, but the fourth Wonder Token will sit at the bottom next to the yellow pipe.

Puzzling Park Wonder Token 5

Take the yellow pipe at the bottom of the pit back up to a room of other pipes. The fifth Wonder Token will not appear until you hit an invisible block in the place where the Toad block is in the picture above.

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