How to Complete Search Party: Item Park in Super Mario Wonder

Using all new powerups to get every secret token.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Search Party Item Park
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The Search Party levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder have Mario and friends looking high and low for five Wonder Tokens hidden within the small, contained level. The World 6 Search Party level is called Item Park, and will require players to use all available powerups to complete the level and get the Wonder Seed.

How to Start Search Party: Item Park in Super Mario Wonder

The level begins in a small room containing three powerups: Bubble, Elephant, and Drill mushrooms. You will need all three powerups to get all five Wonder Tokens, but can easily come back to this room anytime to grab a different one. Grab either the Drill or Elephant mushroom, and destroy the blocks on the right to begin.

Item Park Wonder Token 1

The first token is directly in front of you, but trapped inside a box. To the right of the box is a spiky ball rolling back and forth. Use the Elephant powerup to hit the spiky ball to the left and crash through the box, allowing you to get the first Wonder Token.

Item Park Wonder Token 2

The second token is in the upper left corner of the main room. Players will find hidden blocks above the left question mark block pile. Jump on the hidden blocks, then jump into the ceiling using the Drill powerup. Ride the ceiling to the left to grab the second Wonder Token.

Item Park Wonder Token 3

Smash the question mark block pile on the right platform with the Elephant powerup to uncover an invisible block that sprouts a vine upward. Climb the vine to get the third Wonder Token at the top.

Item Park Wonder Token 4

Using the Drill powerup, drill into the middle moving platform and move to the right when the platform hits the wall. This will uncover a secret room with the fourth Wonder Token.

Item Park Wonder Token 5

The last Wonder Token requires the Bubble powerup. The upper right corner of the room has three Cheep-Cheeps enclosed within the wall. Shoot bubbles at the three fish to destroy them, and the fifth Wonder Token will appear nearby.

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