How to Complete Search Party: Pipe Park in Super Mario Wonder

This plumber can handle all these pipes.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Search Party Pipe Park
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Search Party: Pipe Park is located in the Sunbaked Desert of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and requires players to collect five hidden Wonder Tokens to complete it. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of pipes in this level that will need to be dealt with.

How to Start Search Party: Pipe Park in Super Mario Wonder

The level is basically made up of four sections and will have players either moving or traveling through pipes. No specific characters, badges, or powerups are necessary to complete the level.

Pipe Park Wonder Token 1

The first section of the level is simply a bunch of pipes connected. However, the sixth pipe on the bottom row will take you underground to where the first Wonder Token is. The token is in the foreground, so players must take the secret pipe on the left in the pit to get to the token.

Pipe Park Wonder Token 2

The upper left section of the level requires players to push the middle all the way to the left. Jump on top and then jump over the pipe on the hill to find the hidden Wonder Token.

Pipe Park Wonder Token 3

The upper right section has a row of pipes and a brown platform conspicuously above it. The first four pipes raise and lower with your character’s weight, so lower the pipes on the right to create stairs and jump into the hidden area with the third Wonder Token.

Pipe Park Wonder Token 4

Staying in the same section, take the right-most short pipe to an enclosed area to the right. Push the towering pipe on the right to uncover the fourth Wonder Token.

Pipe Park Wonder Token 5

The fifth Wonder Token is in the lower right section, so take the short pipe closest to the wall to get to another hidden area. Hit the two invisible blocks as noted in the picture above, then pull the handle to the top block and uncover the final token.

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