How to Complete Search Party: An Empty Park? in Super Mario Wonder

Where is the entire level?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Search Party Empty Park
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Search Party level called An Empty Park? Is located in the third world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and requires players to collect five Wonder Tokens. The level may seem empty at first, but there is more than meets the eye.

How to Start Search Party: An Empty Park? in Super Mario Wonder

The level may seem small and devoid of any platforms when starting, but it is actually a series of invisible blocks that are the platforms and create others as the level. Players will be doing a lot of searching in this vertical level.

An Empty Park? Wonder Token 1

Players must hit a few long invisible blocks at the beginning of the level for the first Wonder Token to appear. Check the image above for the exact locations of the blocks and token.

An Empty Park? Wonder Token 2

The second token can be found right after hitting two more invisible blocks. Hitting the block above Mario’s head in the picture will uncover the second Wonder Token.

An Empty Park? Wonder Token 3

Hitting more invisible blocks above those already uncovered will spawn two moving platforms. There will be another invisible block above the horizontally moving platform, and it will spawn a raining cloud and the third Wonder Token.

An Empty Park? Wonder Token 4

Swim up the raining cloud and stand atop it. Jump up to uncover two more invisible blocks, spawning another raining cloud and the fourth Wonder Token.

An Empty Park? Wonder Token 5

Swim up the right side of the second rainy cloud to hit an invisible block, spawning a third rainy cloud. Swim up the left side of the third cloud to hit one more invisible block and uncover the final Wonder Token.

For help on finding other Search Party tokens in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, be sure to check out our guide on how to complete Search Party: Puzzling Park.

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