The Power Beyond Starfield
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How to Complete Power From Beyond in Starfield

Temple after temple

After you discover that the Artifacts in Starfield offer up the secret to some powerful gravity-based abilities, it’s time to start searching for more temples in the Power From Beyond mission. Here’s how to complete Power From Beyond in Starfield.

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Power From Beyond Mission Guide in Starfield

To start this quest, you’ll need to speak with Vladimir Sall, who is either at the Eye or the Lodge. His location is entirely dependent on how far into the main quest you are. This quest comes after Into The Unknown, so make sure you have that completed. You’ll need to help Vladimir find Artifact Temples.

To complete Power From Beyond, you need to find five different temples on planets such as Altair I, and each one allows you to unlock another gravity-based ability. Some of these temples are marked automatically and some of them will be revealed by Vladimir on the Eye. We suggest speaking with him first and then going about your business.

Photo of Bessel III-b in Starfield
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There will be one “main hub” for the Power From Beyond mission, but as you discover temple locations, you will have other versions of the quest in your log. They are all connected, so don’t worry about which ones you complete first. All six branches of the quest will involve traveling to a planet, investigating the anomaly, and then taking the power in the temple.


Make sure you keep an eye on your scanner’s field of vision circle when trying to find the anomaly. It’ll start to wiggle and glitch out when you’re nearby.

All Power From Beyond Temple Locations in Starfield:

  • Bessel III-B.
  • Tau Ceti VIII-8.
  • Altair I.
  • Tau Ceti III.
  • Arcturus II.

To officially complete the main Power From Beyond mission, you can technically chase after the anomaly locations marked by Vladimir. After you acquire the power from his marks, the quest ends and you can move on to the next story with Walter.

Here’s a list of all of the powers you unlock from the quest Power From Beyond:

  • Personal Atmosphere (Alpha)
  • Gravity Wave (Beta)
  • Precognition (Iota)
  • Grav Dash (Zeta)

Power From Beyond Starfield

Here are the list of steps needed to complete Power From Beyond in Starfield.

  1. Talk to Vladimir on the Eye to get the temple locations revealed.
  2. Head to all Power From Beyond Temple locations: Bessel III-B, Tau Ceti VIII-8, Altair I, Tau Ceti III, and Arcturus II.
  3. Use your scanner to hunt down each anomaly location.
  4. Follow the path where your scanner continues to get more pixelated to find each temple.
  5. Find the narrow hall on the side of the main structure to find the door you need each time.
  6. Speak to Vlad once done and complete the quest.

How to Follow the Distortions in Starfield

Each one of the temples in Power From Beyond will cause your scanner to distort. If you follow the path where your scanner continues to get more pixelated, you will eventually make your way to the temple. Every single of has the same mechanic, and much of the time, you can easily see the structure from the ship.

Scanner Distortions.
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When you reach the temple itself, look for the narrow hall on the side of the main structure to find the door each time. The process of jumping through orbs remains the same on each planet, and then your search for power is done.

Power From Beyond Quest Bug

Some players have reported bugs associated with this quest. One reported bug is that the game will mark the quest as complete, but Vlad will still say that the eye is looking for more locations. One fix to this is to manually search every planet in each system in the proper order.


These are reported bugs, and we haven’t replicated them or their solutions. So, we can’t guarantee the bugs are actually happening, or that the solutions are true.

Sometimes the quest will also not give you any quest markers or fast travel options. The solution for that is finding the planets manually. Another bug happens when you try to fast travel to a scanner anomaly, but it takes you to a small lab instead. A potential solution for this is to use your scanner and look for the anomaly manually.

Dealing with bugs in the quest Power From Beyond Starfield can be a bit of a pain, but we’ve got your back. If you haven’t saved Barrett yet, make sure to read our guide on how to complete Back to Vectera is Starfield.

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