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Back to Vectera Mission Starfield
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It is only a matter of time before you have to go back to where the adventure began, and that means heading Back to Vectera in Starfield. Since you left the mining colony, Barrett has been taken captive by the Crimson Fleet pirates and now it’s up to you to get him back, which I’m here to help you with in this mission walkthrough.

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Speak to Lin on Vectera in Starfield

Lin can be found running the mining operation on Vectera like she was at the beginning of Starfield, and she has the last known information about Barrett. You need to return to Lin at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost, which is on the moon of Anseion.

Find Lin on Vectera (Screenshot by Prima Games)

The last time you saw Lin and Barrett, there was a Crimson Fleet pirate attack that you had to repel. After a quick victory, Barrett gave you the Frontier ship, and you were instructed to find the Lodge. Now that you’re back, the comms equipment has gone down, and Lin needs you to repair it so you can get the information on Barrett’s last location.

How to Fix the Comms Computer in Starfield (Back to Vectera)

You can fix the Comms Computer in Back to Vectera by inserting three power cells into the station. Next to the computer that has the last known voice logs from Barrett, there are three slots for power cells, but you need to find them around the mining outpost. There are a handful of power cells that you can find, and only three are needed to get the comms back on.

Get three Power Cells in the outpost (Screenshot by Prima Games)

How to Obtain 3 Power Cells in Back to Vectera

Two of the power cells can be found in the same building as the Comms Computer. After I picked up those two cells, I walked outside of the main outpost building and examined the robot stationed directly ahead. You can take out the power cell if you examine the machine, and now you have all three batteries.

If you’re having a hard time finding the cells, you can use a Digipick on the door to the Comm’s Computer. There won’t be enough power to get the evidence you need, but you can mark the last known locations of all the power cells in the mining outpost. There are roughly six different cells you can loot in total.

How to Complete Back to Vectera:

  • Speak to Lin about Barrett.
  • Find three Power Cells.
  • Fix the Comms Computer.
  • Read the clue for Barrett’s location.
  • Speak to Heller about Barret’s last known location.
  • Rescue Barrett from the Crimson Fleet on Bessel III.

How to Find a Clue to Barrett’s Location in Starfield

With the power cells in place, search the Comms Computer files for a clue to Barrett’s location during Back to Vectera. In the computer, there will be an emergency transmission file with the last known comms from Barrett or Heller. Of course, they aren’t on Vectera, and it sounds like they are on a dangerous path with the pirates.

Comms Computer Back to Vectera.
The Comms Computer room can be picked open (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Now, head back to Lin and give her an update on the situation. She will be grateful for the help and will even offer to join your crew if you have the space. You can always have her on the bench for some support.

How to Find Barrett and Heller in Starfield

The next location for Barrett and Heller is planet Danra in the Narion system. This isn’t far from the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost, and you can easily get there with one quick landing. However, you will find a crashed ship as soon as you land on the surface of Danra.

Heller Location Starfield.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

As you approach the ship, you will find Heller in a drowsy state due to all the painkillers he took. Don’t worry, though; he is fine and will even join your crew later on as well if you want another member. Before he leaves, though, he has a second emergency transmission from Barrett that gives the next location.

Starfield Heller
Screenshot by Prima Games

In an attempt to save Heller, Barrett caused the ship to crash and was then kidnapped once again. He succeeded in saving Heller, but that doesn’t help us finish our Back to Vectera mission for the Lodge in Starfield.

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How to Listen to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield

To listen to “Emergency Transmission 02,” just open up your inventory and head to the notes section. Inside, you will find both transmission messages that you picked up from Barrett. Once you’ve listened, you have the true location you need to finish the quest.

How to Rescue Barrett in Back to Vectera (Starfield)

You can rescue Barrett by heading to the Bessel III planet in the Bessel system. The Crimson Fleet pirates took him to yet another outpost, and they are hiding him inside where he can be kept out of site. I took out every single pirate I could find in the area before I went inside for the final rescue. Despite all the action, you can rescue Barrett from his true captors without any more bloodshed.

Rescue Barrett Starfield.
Barrett’s location in Starfield (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Once I saw Barrett in his chair with the Crimson Fleet captain, they were having a friendly conversation. The pirates still plan on killing The Lodge member, so don’t get that twisted. However, they can still be civil about the situation. I was able to persuade the Crimson Fleet to let Barrett go free, despite all the killing outside.

Barrett Starfield Back to Vectera.
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you can’t successfully persuade the pirates, then you will definitely have to fight your way out. That’s not always a problem when you want some extra loot, though. Whether you attack or not is entirely up to you.

Now just take Barrett after the pirates are dealt with and head back to The Lodge on New Atlantis. From there, the Back to Vectera mission is complete in Starfield, and you can move to the next adventure.

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