How to Complete Please Sir Can I Have Some Morbol in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

All Morbols are extraordinary in my eyes

Slowly but surely, the people in the Hideaway are offering side quests that will make Clive’s life a little easier. And what can be more helpful than increasing the potency of Clive’s potions, high potions, and elixirs? To that end, here’s how to complete Please Sir Can I have Some Morbol in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Please Sir Can I Have Some Morbol Quest Guide (FFXVI)

Once you reach the main quest, A Song of Hope, a smattering of new side quests will be unlocked in the Hideaway. But Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol is one of the most useful because it increases Clive’s survivability. To get this quest, speak to Nigel, the Head Botanist.

Nigel has an idea of what to do with the morganbeards that the Hideaway is growing. But to follow this idea through, he’ll need to graft morganbeards with a Morbol tentacle. While that might seem like the raving of a mad scientist, it’s worth a try if it makes your potions more potent.

But not any Morbol tentacle will do. Nigel wants the tentacle of the Notorious Mark, Carrot. To learn more about this mark, head to the Hunt Board in front of The Mess. Carrot will have just unlocked as a Hunt option.

From there, go to your world map and select Eastern Rosaria. Inspect the local map and choose Three Reeds as the Obelisk of choice.

Screenshots by Prima Games | Eastern Rosaria

When you load into the Three Reeds, head north and follow the map’s wall forward. Eventually, you’ll find a path that breaks. Follow this path to the end and you’ll get to a swampy clearing. Go to the center and the Morbol Carrot will attack you.

Carrot location

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Carrot fights very similarly to other Morbols you’ve encountered in the past, but it is much more inclined to use its tendrils than its breath.

Upon defeat, Carrot will drop the Morbol Tendril, and a smattering of other rewards. Bring this Tendril back to Nigel, and he’ll increase the potency of your potions.

We’re reaching a point in the game where you’ll soon be able to unlock a very powerful sword. But to get it, you’ll need to start a chain of side quests called Blacksmith Blues. Start that quest here: Final Fantasy 16: How to Complete Blacksmith’s Blues (FFXVI).

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