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How to Complete ‘Phlegmployee’ Achievement in BitLife

Time to get some evil achievements again!

by Nikola L
BitLife Employee Morale

Phlegmployee is a new achievement in BitLife, a mobile game where you can be (almost) anything you want to be. Prima Games is here to deliver a guide on how to complete the “Phlegmployee” challenge and get the “Phlegmployee” Achievement in BitLife.

How to Unlock the “Phlegmployee” Achievement in BitLife

“Phlegmployee” is one of the more sinister achievements, but so prepare to make your character act like a disgusting human being. But hey, it’s a game. As long as the behavior doesn’t cross over into real life, it’s all good. Be as disgusting as you need to be.

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In order for you to get the “Phlegmployee” achievement, you need to spit at a fellow employee. Gross. This is done fairly easily if you are a conflict-type of person. You need to keep warning your employees and at some point, you will get the option to spit at them. Do not think this through or fear the consequences, just do it, and the achievement is yours, and you will easily start a new life if you do not like the outcome of this action, because that is what BitLife is all about.

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Of course, you can also apologize for your behavior and get back into their good books too if you’d wish. So not all is lost. Gotta do what you’ve gotta do for the achievement, right? At least, that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. All is fair in love and war and all that jazz.

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