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How to Increase Employee Morale in BitLife

Happy employees makes everything better!

by Madison Benson
BitLife Employee Morale

The newest BitLife update, the Business Job Pack, introduces many different mechanics that help you make a successful company. When you start a business, you must learn how to properly manage your yearly production, staff wages and facility additions. One of the most important factors of success is keeping your employees happy! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to increase employee morale in BitLife’s Business Update.

How to Increase Employee Morale in BitLife

There are multiple ways to increase employee morale in BitLife:

  • Recognition
  • Bonuses
  • Pay Raises
  • Team Building Exercises

Out of these four methods, recognizing your employees is the only free way to boost employee morale. However, giving all your high-performing and competent employees recognition each year will add up, slowly raising morale when combined with the other methods.

Bonuses and pay raises go hand-in-hand as effective strategies for giving large morale boosts. If an employee performs a positive task during a random pop-up event, you can choose to provide them with a one-time bonus. The more you give, the more they’ll appreciate your gesture. You can also head into their profile to gift them a bonus without rewarding a specific action.

Similarly, by going into your business menu and selecting Payroll, you can see whether you’re providing a low, average, or above-average compensation. While raising this increases yearly expenses, it also boosts morale, especially if your pay is above average.

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The last, and perhaps the most effective way to increase morale over time, is Team Building Exercises. These range from bringing your employees out to coffee to hosting football and soccer games. While Team Building costs money, particularly when you have a lot of workers, it can raise your morale by a lot if your employees enjoy the activity.

After organizing one, you’ll see an enjoyment bar indicating whether your employees liked the exercise you chose. The higher this bar is, the greater the effect on morale.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in more BitLife content, check out our articles on How to Get into Business School and How to Complete the ‘It’s All Yours’ Achievement in BitLife.

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