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How to Complete On the Verge in Destiny 2

I love my bug army

by Daphne Fama

Osiris is determined to unravel the mystery of the Strand. And to be honest, I really want my Guardian to shoot bugs, so this mission is top priority. So, here’s how to complete On the Verge in Destiny 2.

How to Complete On the Verge in Destiny 2

Our goal for this mission is to reach the place where Cloudstriders meditate and relax. Apparently, it’s a source of the Strand. So, let’s get right into it.

Follow the Strand: Locate Strand sources to guide you towards the training grounds

Once the mission starts, jump on your sparrow and go straight, following the road towards the diamond. It’s not an easy road, though, as there are a few Shadow Legion Cabal in our way. Keep pressing forward, following the Cabal down the road.

Head for Training Grounds

If this is starting to look very familiar, it should! Last time we followed this road, we were brutally assaulted by half a dozen Cyclops. Let’s hope there are no Cyclops at the end of the road. But this time, as we follow the road through Liming Harbor, we’re only assaulted by Goblin and a Minotaur. What a nice change of pace!

Keep following the road right until you see a big neon green thread. Jump onto the yellow roof it pierces through, then turn around. There will be a Strand node. Jump to it and interact with it.

Head through the building immediately next to where you picked up the Strand node and you’ll enter a large arena. Vex will start spawning, because they want the Strand for themselves.

Disable Vex Barrier: Deposit Energy Cells

There will be a variety of Vex combatants: Goblin, Minotaur, one Cyclops, and Hydra. The Hydra will drop orbs which you’ll need to insert into the neon contraption by the Vex-blocked door.

Kill three Hydra, collect three orbs, and the barrier will fall. You’ll then lose your Strand powers, but it was fun while it lasted!

Head for Training Grounds

Navigate the narrow passage which looks very reef-like. You’ll soon emerge into Maya’s Retreat. Cross the bridge and kill the Vex that spot it. You’ll then enter a wide, open area with plenty of Goblin and a few Minotaur.

Cross the Chasm

Jump onto the platform and there will be a Strand node on top. Don’t bother killing the Harpy to your left. It will immediately respawn. Grab the Strand node, look within, then grapple to the green orb to your left, towards the Harpy.

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You’ll need to swing around the chasm, grappling to each green orb. Eventually, you’ll get to the top and enter a cave. Inside the cave, you’ll see a variety of white Vex diamonds. Goblins will spawn. Use your Strand ability, then kill them in order to create Tangles. Once a Tangle orb spawns, pick it up and throw it at the diamond to break it.

Or abuse the never-ending Goblin spawn to complete the third step of the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst. Whatever works!

Head for Training Grounds

Once all the diamonds are broken, Lego-like blocks will form. Jump up on them. You’ll soon arrive at the favorite haunt of Cloudstriders. Approach it.

Let the True Training Begin

At the center of the pond will be another Strand node. Pick it up, and you’ll be surrounded by Vex. This onslaught will slowly grow.

First, it will just be Goblins. Then, the Minotaurs will spawn in. Eventually, the Minotaurs will become immune to all damage until you kill their nearby diamond with a Thread orb. You’ll have four diamonds and four damage immune Minotaurs. Kill all four diamonds, and a Wyvern will spawn in.

Stay alive, kill the diamonds, and clear out the hoard.

Defeat the Inquisitor Mind

Once you’ve cleared out the Vex, you’ll become exhausted again. But just for a moment. Place a Rally Banner if you like, then approach the Strand node and try again…

But this time, against the boss the Inquisitor Mind. The method to this fight is using the energy cells dropped by the Vex Hydra to overload the Minotaur’s shielding. Very similar to how we dropped the Vex barrier when we first picked up the Strand node.

This is the pattern of the fight.

Locate the Minotaur, either to your left or right. This Minotaur is immune to damage. Near it will be a diamond. Kill a Goblin with a Strand ability, then take the Thread orb it drops to destroy the diamond. The Minotaur will lose its immune status and you can kill it.

Once the Minotaur is dead, a Hydra will spawn near the Inquisitor Mind. Kill the Hydra, and it will drop an orange ball. Take the orange ball and ascend the Lego-like platforms in the center of the lake. At the very top will be a place to deposit the orb. Do so, and the Inquisitor Mind will lose its immune status.

Deal damage to the Inquisitor Mind until it regains its shields at a set health point. Probably half. Repeat the process.

There will be a scripted hiccup, but that’s okay. If you follow these steps, the Inquisitor Mind will go down and you’ve completed the level. Congratulations!

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