How to Get Kulle’s Heart Journals in Diablo 4

The rarest loot of all

Kulle's Journal Diablo 4
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One of the side seasonal quests in Diablo 4 Season 3 is “Kulle’s Heart” and it’s proving to be quite a challenge due to chance alone. My guide will cover how you can get more of the journals that Zoltun wrote and whether they work as intended.

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Where to Find More of Kulle’s Journals in Diablo 4

You can get Zoltan Kulle’s Journals when you open a Wardwoven Chest at the end of a Nightmare Vault in Season 3. However, the chests only give you a chance for the quest item to drop, so it can theoretically take a long time to finish the Kulle’s Heart quest in the Season of the Construct. Some players initially believe that the quest was bugged, but it’s just tied to higher World Tiers instead of any bug.

Wardwoven Chest and Kulle's Journal Diablo 4
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The first two journals in the quest can be found by simply exploring The Gatehall with Ayuzhan. One of the journals can be picked up when you save Ayuzhan and the other is sitting on a table on the northern side of the hall. Both of them can be marked on the map if you select the Kulle’s Heart quest as active.

Where to find Kulle’s Journals in D4:

  • Collect the first two journals in the Gatehall.
  • Complete Nightware Vaults and open Wardwoven Chests.
  • World Tier 4 provides the best chance for the journals.
  • There is a chance for additional journals to drop as rewards.

After you get these two journals, the rest of your journey is tied to the Vault grind. You will have to find the next three of Kulle’s Journals by reaching the end of a Vault with one stack of Zoltun’s Warding so you can open a Wardwoven Chest. These reward chests provide additional Tuning Stones and Governing Stones along with the chance for a quest item.

Completing Nightmare Vaults may give you a better chance of completing the quest in Diablo 4 Season 3, but it also makes retaining Zoltun’s Warding much more of a challenge. With any luck, you can eventually collect all five journals and finally put the quest to rest.

Once you complete the main story, make sure you know what lies ahead with Zoltun’s Warding as a mechanic.


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