How to Complete Essence of Aether in MW3 Zombies

Searching all over for a few kegs.

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While some of the missions in the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are straightforward, some require a little scavenger hunt. The Essence of Aether falls in the latter category, and here are the locations for all three Essence Samples.

How to Complete Essence of Aether Mission in MW3 Zombies

The Act 2 Tier 3 mission Essence of Aether requires players to collect three Essence Samples from around the map. Here are the objectives:

  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Hamza Bazaar at Hadiqa Farms.
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Rostova Shops at Levin Resort.
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Quadri Shopping Center at Zaravan City.

The Essence Samples are keg-like objects that players will have to interact with to collect. While the samples are not noted on the map, the objectives do hint where they are. Here is where to find all three:

Hamza Bazaar at Hadiqa Farms Essence Sample

The Hamza Bazaar is located in the east, and the Essence Sample is inside a small kiosk. The kiosk is in between two hourglass-shaped buildings.

Rostova Shops at Levin Resort Essence Sample

The Rostova Shops are located in the southwest, and are along the edge of the orange threat zone. The Essence Sample is in an independent shop surrounded by larger buildings.

Quadri Shopping Center at Zaravan City Essence Sample

The Quadri Shopping Center is located in the northwest and is the only Essence Sample in a higher threat zone. Thankfully, it is on the edge, so players can quickly dip in and out without a Pack-a-Punch upgraded weapon.

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