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How to Complete Class Specialization in Diablo 4

Time to become an expert

by Patrick Souza
Diablo 4 How to Complete Class Specialization

Disclaimer: This article was written using the Beta version of Diablo IV as its source. The final product might differ from what is represented here.

Each class in Diablo IV can unlock some extra perks by completing their own Specialization Quests, unlocked at certain key levels as you progress through the game. They will give you some extra passives that will really make your class go online, making you understand how it should actually be played. 

Specializing is also quite easy, so stick for a while to know exactly what you should do before making the perfect build for this brief beta period.

How to Finish Your Class Specialization 

After you get to Level 15, a Specialization-related quest will pop up in your quest log. This quest will be different depending on your chosen class (i.e., if you are playing Rogue, it appears as Rogue: True Potential), but it will always follow the same basic structure.

Track it down and start it. The quest is pretty straightforward, and you will be sent to a certain dungeon depending on your chosen class. The quest is completed halfway through the dungeon but keep heading on to the end of it to get extra loot and also unlock a new Aspect for your class as a final reward.

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You can do this quest anytime you want after getting to level 15, but you should prioritize it as it unlocks some flash new mechanics for your class. If you are feeling like it is too bland up until this moment, things may start to change a little bit from now on. If the passive does not reflect your current playstyle, you can always reset your build and try out some new commands.

To check your new powers, open your character (C on Keyboards or Start on controllers) and head to the Specialization tab. A new passive is unlocked at Level 20 and another later at 30. No new quest is necessary for this second passive. You can only have one active at a time, so pick the one that makes more sense with your current build.

Specialization Diablo Iv
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Since the cap level is 25 during the beta, we cannot unlock the final Specialization talent just yet, so we have to wait until the game is fully released to know if there is anything different that we need to do for our final passive. We will make sure to update this article in the future to reflect it.

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